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of supervisors came together to select an outstanding choice along many outstanding candidates to lead us over the next several years. >> over the past several months when this issue has come up, it had been agonizing. the board has been put into a difficult situation. there are a lot of differences of opinion on how to run the city, how to mass make a decision, who should be in place, 11 people to agree on that is a challenging thing. i think we have done the best we can do in the process, considering the difference of opinions. >> the people of san francisco can now choose their mayor, the direction they want to go. that is why this decision was so appropriate. >> the other big shock is that the moderates seem to have won this round. people thought, progressives have themselves on the board. there is no reason that they will not get together and take a noted leader who is a progressive to be interim mayor, and then stayed there for another term. the great thing about being in term mayor is to get to run as an incumbent. the fact that the progressives could not get together to get somebody in
-vot ago wiring used for communications. >> we have two kinds of wire. we have line voltage and low voltage. what is the difference between those two types. >> the low-voltage wiring doesn't present a shock hazard. you don't have to put the wires in a conduit or a cable. this is thermostat wire. it's called class two wire. when you have a class two transformer, you're allowed to run this cable either exposed or concealed in building construction without a cable. there would be an example of some similar. this would be computer wire and in a lot of new houses now that the people are putting the computer wire and telephone wires, as low as the thermostat wires in the walls and they don't have to use conduit or cable. all different colors. >> are there standards for what colors you use? is brown always used for thermostat wire? >> no code requirement. just a manufacturing requirement. all different colors. the only restriction that some jurisdictions do is they limit fire alarm cable to red. >> people have asked about insulation types, if you have heat blown through, you need higher-rated insu
all these years. thank you also for this honor. this is wonderful for us. it will only make us work harder. thank you very much. [applause] president chiu: that concludes our presentations for today. before we close the ceremony, i would like to acknowledge the folks who have help from the city. paula jones from our department of public health has been our director of food assistance. she has worked to make sure we have restaurants that are working as well to promote our public health as possible. i also want to see if we have luke o'brien, president of the small business commission. would you like to say a few words on behalf of the commission? commissioner o"brien: >> good afternoon, supervisors. far be it for me to be biased in any way to all of the businesses today, but i would have to follow up supervisor campos's recognition. i happened to totally by accident take my wife, who is of thai origin and has discerning taste buds, as difficult to please as anybody i know, to there, because we happened to be in the neighborhood. when she walked out of there, she had a grin from ear t
? everyone. announcer: imagine if who you are were used as an insult. >> so it's a tremendous honor to be here today. we've got a tremendous program for you. this is our annual black history month kickoff. it was started many, many years ago. dr. carter g. woodson had participated in the founding of black history month. he was involved in the group known as the oh, -- association for the study of african-american life and history. the local chapter of that group is what is now known as the african-american cultural and historical society. so it's an honor. we've been doing this for many, many years and it's great to see so many faces out here today. right now what i'd like to do is thank our partners and acknowledge them for their participateation. the san francisco public library much the california cultural arts program and we couldn't do it without the good folks in the mayor's office of neighborhood services. what i'd like to do now is strue -- shall truce -- intro duce tanish hollins from the mayor's office of neighborhood services. >> good amp, family. happy black history mont
. $183 billion has been taken from us because he is becoming like mickey mouse and using you. i am egyptian. i left my country for 40 years, but i never forgot. 28 years, i see a young man who played guitar, and thank god. i would like to thank him, and i thank everyone of you. he never forgot us. he grew up on mission street, and he went yesterday to mission high school to help them. that is a man who loves his country and loves us. we love him, too. i would like to get 11 turkeys from you to feed the homeless people as soon as i can. before i die, i want to make something else. but how i wish to give you some tickets. supervisor, let me see you tomorrow, and i want to see support for each one of us to them. i am going to be there, and i watch every one of you. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. stop the corporate rape of the public library. do not give money to oregon accept money from the friends and family foundation. it is a private fund raising entity that presents itself as a public-private partnership. what does a few over t
with illnesses were blocked from getting out of the plane. and abc's lisa stark brings us the first answers tonight. >> reporter: this is what greeted passengers when they finally escaped their parked planes. a foot of snow and a long walk. >> we've been here now for seven and a half hours. >> reporter: that was the captain of jetblue flight 504 with 123 passengers. one of those planes stuck in the snowy tarmac at the hartford, connecticut, airport. >> chaotic. uncomfortable, disorganized. just a mess. >> reporter: andrew carter was on that flight, normally a two-houg jog from florida to new jersey. but the plane couldn't land after newark after the airport lost critical navigation equipment. the pilots diverted to the hartford airport, 100 miles away. jetblue says that airport was overwhelmed with nearly two dozen over diverted flights. and today, we learned why the passengers were trapped. flight 504 was boxed in on the tarmac. a delta plane behind, another jetblue flight to the right, a broken jetway on the left. inside the plane, snacks and water ran out, toilets backed up. >> i have a
. what do you know about natural gas? flammable. it goes, boom. it's important to shut this off. we use it for cooking, eating and hot water. there were 40,000 people that called pg and e about their gas. that means they call turned off their gas? did they need to do that? when do you have to? when there is a problem. how long did you think it takes pg and e to get out and turn it back on? 45,000 people. days weeks, may be a month. who has seen this in the streets. a lot of muck is in there is it's full of dirt and weeds you turn it to the right to tighten it and left to loosen it. your home work you have to look at your house, pop open the lid, look in there see what's going on in there it's not nice and clean like this. who has seen this around their house? everybody. each meter has a shut off. you want to find out where your gas meter is. you can keep track of your usage but you will know how to shut it off. here's the shut off. i have some tools up here, you can look at these. any hardware store has these. they fit on this and it allows you to turn off the gas. when we talk about th
>>> glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline." it is 8:00 a.m. in tokyo. i'm catherine kobayashi. the yen hit a new high against the dollar in sydney. it followed the previous high marked on friday in new york. now on sydney's foreign exchange market, the dollar briefly changed hands at 75.32 yen after trading for the yen accelerated. it is now trading at 75.74-75. >>> the european union asked a group of 20 developed and emerging economies to unite to contain the euro zone debt crisis. eu president and the european commission president sent letters to leaders of the g-20 countries. the letters say the eu will progressively implement measures to increase the capacity of the european financial stability facility, the bailout fund, to 1 trillion euro to assist financially troubled members. the measures were agreed upon at the eu summit last week. letters mention the stepping up of the functions of the international monetary fund and also referred to the introduction of a financial transaction tax to strengthen monitoring of speculative financial trading. an nhk corresponde
to fear from us. revealing investigation, fascinating characters, stories with impact, this is cnn presents with your host tonight, soledad o'brien and sanjay gupta. >> we begin this evening with a cnn presents special investigation, a story that sounds all too familiar. >> catholic priests accused of abusing children. church leaders, accused of covering it up. >> this familiar story has a disturbing new chapter. hundreds of these-pieces live unmonitored in unexpecting communities. >> as we learned in some cases, they live next to schools and they live next to parks. gary tuchman tracks down some of the most notorious offenders, predators in plain sight. >> reporter: here we are on a block where a molester priest lives, do you think the neighbors know about it? >> i'm certain they do not. >> ray is a los angeles attorney who works with victims of sexual abuse. >> unfortunately around los angeles and around the country, there are hundreds of priests in our communities without anybody having any understanding there's this danger sitting there in the middle of their communities. >> re
for joining us today. >> thank you very much. >> tell us a little about your background, where you grew up, went to school and the kind of jobs that you worked. >> most of my adult life i spent completely here in san francisco. now about 27 years. i was born in chicago. my father had emigrateford iran to go to school in chicago, where he met my mother while he was attending the university of chicago. that's where i was born. after my parents had divorced, i spent most of my youth in the state of rhode island, southern rhode island, and then after i graduated high school, i went to undergraduate college in st. louis, missouri and then came out here for grad school, which fell in love with san francisco bay area. all of my plans changed and this became my home. i worked as an environmental analyst for a number of think tanks and then applied that trade in law enforcement, where i went to the san francisco police academy many, many years ago, graduated as a academy class, president of the class. trained in environmental forensics, both here locally, state and federally by the usepa in the tra
, supervisors. wireless facilities like bryson typically include the use of backup batteries to provide power to the facility in the event of power failure. these types of batteries present safety hazards that make the facilities undesirable and in controllable with a hospital setting. including in your packet is the data sheet for the kind of batteries used at these sites in san francisco. fire and explosion hazard data. unusual fire hazards. hydrogen and oxygen gases are produced during normal battery operation. this supports combustion. these gases into the air through the vent. to avoid a chance of fire or explosion, keep sources of ignition away from the batteries. also are operating instructions , from another manufacturer of backup batteries. these contain similar safety warnings that continued does continue safety warnings. this is not the type of equipment that we desire in our neighborhood. please vote to deny the permit for this location this week. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i would like to talk briefly about one fundamental fact about all telephone networks during
to high-speed internet to answer the areas of the u.s. tonight at 8:00 p.m. on c-span to. after european leaders struck a deal, the presidents of the european council addressed members of parliament. part of it includes a second rescue financial plan with banks taking a 50% of laws on greek that. this one hour debate include opening remarks. >> i come to both of you, dear president, thank you for coming. only six hours after the last conclusions on the euro summit. i would like to ask the president of european councils for taking the floor. >> thank you, mr. president. dear colleagues, good morning. as i said, only a few hours ago , all the institutions and governments have been spending a significant political capital on dealing with the debt crisis. the situation was involving into a systemic concern. it had to be contained. that is what we've done. last night was a crucial political step which still requires technical and legal follow-up. sometimes i hear complaints that markets do not give democracies at the time we need to get things approved. there is some truth in it. i am deeply
will vote on the nomination of stephen a. higginson to serve as u.s. circuit judge fifth circuit. this is a seat that has been deemed by our statistics as a judicial emergency. this is the 15th judicial nomination that we will confirm this month. with this vote today, we have confirmed 51 article 3 judicial nominees during this congress. 30 of those confirmations have been for judicial emergencies. despite this brisk level of activity, we continue to hear complaints, too many complaints, unjustified complaints about the lack of real progress by the senate. let me set the record straight regarding the real progress that the senate has made. and this is in regard to president obama's judicial nominees. we have taken positive action on 87% of the judicial nominations submitted before this congress. the senate has confirmed 71% of president obama's nominees since the beginning of his presidency, including two of the most important supreme court justices. we continue to remain ahead of the pace set forth in the 108th congress under president bush. so far we have held hearings on 85% o
but unequal. it is understates rights -- is under states' rights. after lincoln had freed us from slavery, they instituted this law, separate but equal, and the state had sanctioned it. but everything there was, even when they had things that were federal, they would put a rope up, and the white people would be on one side, and the black people on the other side. i prayed. i'm a baptist. i hope was that the people would hear about the injustices. [applause] >> thank you very much for giving us those highlights. we want to move to a different era in this nation's history, when those signs are no longer present, but their presence is felt. with that, i turned t to bryonn bain. >> i am supposed to perform a piece, but i just feel like i want to talk to you. can i bring the format and do that? is that ok? i am honored and humbled to be aired. i want to acknowledge the presence of my elders, ancestors who made it possible for me to be here today. i am away by -- the more i hear, the more i read, the more i research -- i was not doing anything nearly as courageous at 18 years old. looking back,
to the civil grand jury and to use the concurrence with the ongoing this -- ongoing the >> finding no. 11, this is, i think, it seems to me that i am happy to say yes to this, it just seems to be the nature of the beast and nothing to do with how they -- i think it's how they handle certain cases and taking them inside. i would say no to recommendation number 10. supervisor campos: president chiu, any thoughts on 13? whistle-blower investigation, and establishing the appeals process? president chiu: they seem fairly straightforward. >> the understanding that we will look at whether it is the appropriate mechanism going forward, i don't want to decide that here today. i think there is a process needed to have some type of appeal here. and the findings of 14 and 13, i would be in favor of saying no to both of those. i think it gives a lot of perverse incentives here. i don't think is something that we want to incentivize in our government. supervisor campos: i don't know if the staff and budget legislative analyst was able to follow that. >> i think i have a summary if you want me to go bac
proposition 215, the compassionate use act, which voters supported in 1996. we have seen in the last few weeks a very troubling development with respect to the approach of the federal government. we have seen the federal government that, contrary to its prior promises, is now disregarding state law. and in the process, really hurting so many patients that rely on the access to medical cannabis as a way of treating their illnesses and as a way of just survival. the voters of california have made it clear that we in california believe in the right of patients to have access of medication. in the city of san francisco, we have enacted regulations that serve as a model for the rest of the state in the rest of the country. and we believe that the federal government's should not be spending its very limited resources trying to go after patients. by this resolution, we're doing a number of things. first, we're urging the federal government to reconsider its bad policy and to actually respect the rights of patients to medicine. we also call upon the federal government to end the prohibition on medical
of those complaints, the city has a stronger controls in place, city resources are used more efficiently and it is part of what helps us governed the city. specifically, we received and investigated claims by city contractors that initiate lawsuits by the attorney's office. we have investigated and discovered improper management and human-resources practices. these have resulted in improvements to process, termination of employees and other disciplinary actions. we have investigated and received complaints and employees' conduct inside business on ticity time. unauthorized use of vehicles. and lastly, other of allegations involving over time used by city managers and employees. and you for your attention today. i would like to thank the civil grand jury for the report. while we disagree with some of the tone and the findings, a think there are recommendations that we are working to implement that will improve the effectiveness of the program. supervisor campos: thank you for your presentation in your response to the work. one of the things i have asked is that maybe we could have the eth
that the administration has used is no stranger to politics. it is used as a spread of a disease to marginalize 99% itself. on the announcement of the last rays, last wednesday, i took film. i found three pieces of litter. it is hard to find anywhere that is that plane anywhere in san francisco. these people are dedicated to keeping the area clean, to preserving public space. in a city where people are being marginalized in the public through injunctions, there is nothing worse than this use giving voice to hypocrisy. i look forward to your vote. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, first off, i want to thank the supervisors who came down on wednesday night. your presence has been amazing. one evening we asked the supervisor about cleaning at the camp. he was just -- totally, i would walk around with you. most people went expecting that it would be very messy after two months, but it was not. i would also like to demolish the folks in the camps as others have who have been monetize over this. thank you for your leadership. at the end of the day, i occupy wall street has caus
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an important one and i think all of us, it's testament to the men that tony and vince were that vuso many people coming out once again to support one another and first and foremost, to support the valario and the perez family. this is a very special day because it is another illustration of just how special vince and tony were to all of us and how they will live on in our hearts and our minds and also in san francisco fire department's history because they gave their lives in their duties. thank you so much for everyone that's in attendance. we have uniformed members of this department. we have many of the civilian members of this department. all of us hear your pain and grieve with you and continue to grieve with you and you have my commitment that we will continue to be here with you as a family. not as replacements for tony and vince, but as supporters. and those of you that will continue to always contact you and reach out to you and i want you to know that you have a family in all of the members of the san francisco fire department. today we're joined by several people. i'd like to a
the street. it is important for us to have capacity right now. families need to stay in contact with children and grandchildren. we are unable to get a good signal. service is going to be terrible. we need to add more antennas. the city health department has reviewed them. please approve this project. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. everybody has a cell phone. the younger generation -- everyone has one. everyone carries one for the internet. i would say it is really important. the radiation is very, very low. [unintelligible] thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> my name is nathan williams. i am a local resident. i support the antennas. i use my cell phone a lot in business and school. not only are they safe by federal standards, but that are vital for medical personnel to use to communicate in emergencies. the police station across the street will tell you the good connections are important for public safety. i experienced crop calls a lot. it causes problems when i am talking to prospective clients. anytime we call someone from verizon, service in the richmond district gets
. answered. (cover) 02:38 "deannaaalways told us she was gonna be her daughter's voice... would make her a star one day.that (mom) 06:03 "my baby's onnthe lord's choir right now."now, deanna's parents... carry n her voiie... ffr a cause ccooe to their hearrs.(dad) 13:22 "it's jjst confirmaaion that god hassggven us to do... in her ame."it was may 2006... when deanna was killed bb an electrical voltage on this ball field. she was stretching before a game when she leaned into a fence... with a live ccrrant. (mom) 18832 "she was, she'ddbeen shocked... did she faint or what." (dad) 14:06 "people werre praying over her. at the time &pthey could not do cpr... i know she felt the prayers." have made it possible for themm to cope...(mom))15:14 "i tell ya, it's only made our faith ptronger."ann given them the strength to lobby for new safety reguuations... which the public service commission finally approved on friday. (mom) 22:522"i don't know that people realize hoo much of a victorr it is."utility companies wwll now be required to conducc surveys twice a year - across the statt... using
but this system will affect us. as the most to the east, north wins for tuesday morning. the winds could get pretty testy. for tomorrow, fog in the morning, another day with the milder-1 temperatures. a sea breeze late in the day. on tuesday, dry and dusty winds the only loss this weekend was to the cowboys. >>vicki: will show you what to expect on wall street and a must see movie at the box office. for free >>vicki: police in south san francisco are searching for two men accused in a violent weekend robbery. and happened near this intersection and herman street. i alajandra cerball was there and it tells us what police know. >>alejandra: 821 year-old was punched in the face and kicked in the head before suspect's to golf with his wallet. he was driving to work in this neighborhood when two-man fight him down. when he rolled down the window, he was punched in the face. when he got out of his car, he was a salted. police are looking for to hispanic males wearing blue jeans and black hooded sweat shirts. one man was described as a 5 ft. 9 in., two of the grounds with a mustache. >>brian: tempe
. paul street is where it is located. the third issue, the most problem for us, is that when the permit tracking system becomes operational in 24 months, it is going to be posted outside the vendor, which means that we will not need these servers. however, until that standpoint, we will need servers here for the permit tracking system. the worst thing that could happen is we could have a situation where we cannot issue permits and how to keep everything by hand. we're working with the department of technology this afternoon to try to figure out how to replace those permit tracking servers in a fashion that when we go live with the hosting, we have not wasted resources. that is going to be our biggest trick with that. the other is the cash management systems. the vendor has been meeting with us on the requirements. when we get to the new permit tracking system, those will be integrated, but we're going forward now for a new system. we're hoping that will help us process payments faster. people will have more control, more accountability, of how much the revenues that they have actually t
and the accident has changed their lives and his nephew's. >> he talked to us, about god he got to us, reading the bible, you know, by himself, he regrets a lot over what happened you know, all the spanish community ... >> reporter: now sentencing in this case is scheduled february of next year, and the felony murder charge, that he was found guilty of today carries alone a maximum of 40 years in prison. defense argued today they considered this an accident there was no malicious intent he never intended to kill anyone during the accident but given his two prior dui convictions and arguments today, the judge did of course side with prosecution, defense is telling us today, lawyers are saying they do plan to likely appeal this case. that is the latest here in prince william county back to you. >> thank you. >>> now to the lululemon murder trial for the first time since testimony began the issue of motive was argued in court. the state attorney allowed the judge in the case to allow testimony shows jay that murray may have confronted brittany norwood over stolen merchandise but defense objected.
hear you. >> a time for change has come! chris: facing mount rushmore. he promised us change and said he would be transformative, the kind of president who turned history. has the time come for barack obama to learn from a leader who did, the most inspiring democrat of our time. does jack kennedy have stuff to teach barack obama? the brothers and sisters, kennedy had the irish mafia. obama has tried to do it alone. has he have time to build a team. political confederates who can fight for him. can he pull a solo act and start to lead? finally, bad news bears. where do they find this crew? perry is falling, bachmann is falling. something is raising cain but nobody knows what. with time flying, the vast american middle is fleeing. with their chances good, why are the republicans so bad? hi, i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today. the "washington post" bob woodward, nbc's andrea mitchell, the bbc's katty kay and the "new york magazine's" john heilemann. first up, since the 1957 shock of sputnik, there have been few times as unsettling as today. can we shake off this sense
providers they should be locating. third, let us discuss the process. the planning commission and the department had a lot of guidance on revoking -- reviewing wireless facilities. in 1996, the board of supervisors passed a resolution on where we should locate these facilities. it emphasized that these should be the city's top preference for these facilities. the board said specifically these are most compatible and is likely to be visually destructive. the board resolution did seek clarification on some of the lower preference sites. in response, the planning commission revised the guidelines in august 1996, and updated them again in 2003. the guidelines contained not only preferences and locations, but mandate community outreach meetings be held for installations that need review an alternative analysis studies should be done one preferred sites cannot be used. that is not the case here. it also requires a plan which must be updated annually. that is the process that led to this being declared the most preferred site. other procedural reviews include aesthetic review by plan
posted impressive gains in october, but november could also be a key month for the markets. the u.s. economy and the european financial situation will continue to be watched closely. and don't forget, a third of the firms in the s&p 500 still have to report third-quarter results. so far this earnings season, the message from corporate america has been pretty encouraging. >> as we've gotten through this earnings season-- the third quarter reporting season-- we are still seeing 70% of companies beating expectations-- about 16% year-over-year-growth. in terms of profits, it's still very, very strong. >> reporter: many strategists predict stocks could gain 5% to 10% by the end of the year. the big caveat is what happens in europe. >> it's kind of like groundhog day, where we wake up to the same movie over and over again-- the same situation. i think this europe situation is going to come back. i think it is going to plague us again. >> reporter: so although there could be more goodies in store for stocks the next few months, it's clear the market's goblins haven't entirely disappeared.
>> the right to vote allows us to vote for candidates or party and it is a significant way to have our voice heard. exactly 100 years ago, women were given the vote in california. the battle for women's suffrage was not an easy one. it took more than 70 years. a woman could run for president in new york. >> organizing this conference, basically it modeled itself on a declaration of independence for women. it marked the beginning of the women's equality movement in the united states. >> at that time, women were banned from holding property and voting in elections. >> susan b. anthony dedicated her life to reform. >> suffrage in the middle of the 19th century accomplished one goal, it was diametrically opposed to this idea. >> many feared it would be corrupted by politics. >> women in the 19th century had to convince male voters that having the vote would not change anything. that woman would still be devoted to the home, the family, that they would remain pure and innocent, that having the vote would not corrupt them. >> support gradually grew in state and local campaigns. >> leader
all the time, that we stand with them and support economic and racial justice issues behind us. thing to bring much. i appreciate your support. commissioner avalos: any other members that would like to comment? we will close public comment. supervisor kim. supervisor kim: i want to thank supervisor avalos and his office to make sure we can get this resolution out in a timely manner. i want to appreciate the time you took to do that. and i know there were two amendments that we wanted to introduce. commissioner avalos: if you would like, i could read that into the record. it is essentially a couple of were as clauses. i will read it all of them. the board of supervisors supports the occupied wall street protest movements and the right to assemble peacefully and enjoy -- free speech in the city of san francisco. that the board of supervisors recognizes free-speech unlimited of assembly should not be limited to daytime or short-term activities. we see the need to have adequate shelter and fire safe energy sources and access to food. we believe that is reasonable. that the board of the su
, drugs or violence and protesters use the porta potty provided near city hall. jade hernandez. >>> san francisco demonstrators are still out tonight at the occupy encampment in justin herman plaza. the encampment can stay for now. there hasn't been much of a police presence this weekend. mayor ed lee says the city is working with protest leaders to try to keep the site clean and safe. something the protesters are agreeing to do. >> they're going to come up with a resolution to make this camp workable. i don't know how long it's going to last. >> reporter: the group has several peaceful events planned for this week including a march and rally thursday in conjunction with the global protest of the g20 summit. >>> buddhist monks were among a diverse group that joined the protest in san jose. the group is on a walk to stop nuclear war but lended its sport to the protesters. meanwhile shean oconnelly is still perched atop city hall. >>> the website claims to be mayor quan's official site however her office says it is not. one posting on the website is a fictitious letter proportedly from qu
off. they employ about 70 people. it's all the more reason the owner told us he has reached out to contractors to start rebuild. fire investigators are still looking for the cause. >>> weather wise for all the trick or treaters, i think the weather is holding up pretty nicely. a few showers approaching western maryland have not made it in yet. there's a little bit of rain south of richmond, virginia. as we look at some of the temperatures, to the north mid to upper 40s. so it is chilly points north. i think we'll fall steadily through the 50s and into the 40s. cloudy and cool, perhaps a shower or two. we have much more coming up. >>> for those of you who took this weekend to pack it up for the sarasota or the keys, we're july lus-- jealous. those who went north, went right into the teeth of the storm. >> reporter: all it took is one winter pounding to make northeasterners long for those days when the summer hit from a hurricane was the biggest fear. it turns out this year's most freakish weather event was a snowstorm. no trick or treaters. >> it's too dangerous. >> reporter: som
the fire. how many people have used a fire extinguisher before. >> may be 10 percent of you. by the end of the week you will be putting out a fire with a fire extinguisher. you don't want to learn out to house an extinguisher when they big fire is in front of you. when you turn off your natural gas and water. hazardous materials will be talked about next week. 35-40 percent of you. you will find out that all of you have hazardous material in your home. the third week is disaster medicine. you, going into a room spending 45 seconds on one person into 3 life saving techniques. by the fourth we we will teach you as search and rescuers how to keep yourself safe by identifying safe and none safe building to go into. sometimes objects are too heavy for you to liftoff of a body. we will teach you privying which will use anything you have, wood or cement blocks so you is see that people can lift heavy objects off of people. now, you have to have a plan. every program needs to have a plan. we can't say, here are your skills. class 6, after half an hour we will split you into teams of 10 people
with education. nancy and dan harrington, please join us here. they have sent 13 million books to impoverished children over the years. we thank you all for this honor. we have enjoyed tremendously the ability to link with the philippines. we have generated thousands of jobs, both in the philippines and in san francisco. we have donated thousands of dollars to various events, such as the cleanup of the river, the symphony of the philippine cultural center, and the list goes on and on. we would not have been able to do that without being partners with the philippine consulate general. [applause] and in the five trade and cultural missions led in 1994 and 1998, 2005, 2006, 2010, one of the key posts for our entire committee and all of the various leaders, the people that head of the business circles, the political circles has always been the filipino channel, and we thank you. the most wonderful addition, the fresh blood that is going to come in and lead the sister city committee from this point on, as represented by the very beautiful and multi talented. [applause] thank you all. >> before we h
out of the u.s. senate, one of the true great american patriots, i think, arguably, the best vice-president of the united states. ladies and gentlemen, and joe biden, the president of -- vice- president of the united states. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, i am truly delighted to be here tonight. you all are going to be seeing an awful lot of me because the state's i will be concentrating on our pennsylvania, ohio, florida, new hampshire, so i will be here a lot. i look forward to working with you all. we plan on winning florida. we cannot win without you. and we cannot win without bill nelson in florida. [applause] but you cannot mention bill without mentioning grace, literally. ladies and gentlemen, they have become two of the best friends for jim and me, for our workers in the senate, and now. the would work harder for us than bill and grace. as someone told me once when now is running for reelection, he said, what would jim to for you in delaware? he said, mr. chairman, some places you hurt and some places you helped. he said, well, i will come and campaign for order again
inches of snow. thank goodness that is not us. the morning, happy halloween. i'm mindy basara. >> mother nature played a trick on us. it has been 10 years since we have seen snow in october. we're not expecting any snow today. there are some areas of fog, 36 degrees. the fog should dissipate throughout the day. 55 this afternoon. milder weather will be expected midweek. that is the latest on the weather. >> good morning. we're starting off with a couple of problems. this is providence road. the right lane is closed with an accident. over towards 95, you may find some delays. newbury street at smith avenue, some fire activity. closures in effect. for the south on the eastern shore in chester, we have some downed wires along maryland 18 at u.s. 50. everything else is pretty much up to speed. southbound 95 through howard county, problem free. this is traffic and will check some cameras. this is dogwood road and so for up to speed. no problems on this portion of the beltway. we're checking on this accident taking up the right lane. no sign of delays. that could change as volume picks up. tha
on the dow once again. america's economic report card is in. the gross domestic product that brought us the measure of the strength of the economy showed an annualized growth rate of 2.5% in the third quarter. it lessens the possibility of a double dip recession. >>> they are beating analyst expectations. exxonmobil and dupont all missed expectations. netflix beat expectations, but it is losing subscribers. amazon fell sort but it is investing capital in long-term projects. ibm has a new woman in charge. virginia rometti named ceo and president this week. there are now 16 women ceos of fortune 500 companies, the most ever. >>> it has been an incredibly event ful week to europe's bailout plan to the gdp. where it might head next, author of the book "overhaul." steve, good to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. >> nice to be here, maria. >> so it seems europe will help bail out banks, holding out for that greek debt. do you think this is a fix here, or are there more bumps in the road? how do you see this? >> i think the best way to describe this is the end of the beginning. t
all these military folks in san francisco, why don't we use the opportunity to do some training to better prepare ourselves for disaster response, so we took that mission very seriously. we talked about having a tabletop exercise in 2010. but if you know anything but tabletop exercise, and i think a lot of you people do, the back room planning is just an incredible process. hours and hours and hours are put in for every hour of the table top exercise. but what we did decide to do in 2010 is during fleet week, on uss macon island, we held a senior leadership program for disca and related a briefing on steroids. so we set the foundation for going forward for future fleet weeks, in which we have a common understanding of what the program means. but we promised that in 2011, we would visit the notion of a tabletop exercise. in september, this past september, we did in fact have the table top exercise. and i have to tell you, the folks who did the planning did an incredible job. there are agencies, federal, state, and local agencies, the military folks, but i have to give a special s
start loading us money, they will start lining people money also. thank you and i am glad you held the hearing. i look forward to but i think we should also move to have a state bank to do the same thing because we're not just hurting in the municipalities, we are hurting all over the state. thank you. [applause] supervisor avalos: i think i didn't recognize -- we have a new alarm -- when your comments and, i don't think i heard the last ding. >> i am an independent certified public accountant and i am the treasury -- treasurer of the green party of california. i have a couple of questions. the legislative analyst said we could only put to under $50,000 in any one bank because -- to put $250,000 in 81 bank -- in any one bank. i presume we have this large amount of money in bank up matt -- bank of america because they're so big they could not go under, but i read the business section every day and they talk about how bank of america may go under. so i am unclear on why that standard would only apply to small banks and credit unions. my other thoughts are credit unions are owned by t
is to represent the interests of san francisco citizens to ensure their tax dollars are being used to their maximum benefit. in issuing its report, the jury enters factual accuracy of the investigation, factual support for its findings, and a logical connection between its findings and recommendations. although we talked to a broad range of people, including current and former mta's employees, citizen groups, elected officials, industry experts, it is important for me to say that all factual information that was in the report were based almost solely on interviews with mta officials and with documents they provided us. having said that, i will just share a personal note. when i joined this committee, i knew virtually nothing about the central some waubway project. everything that i have learned has come from those interviews and documents. mta responses to the report indicates disagreement with some of the findings and recommendations but do not seem to suggest that there are any factual errors. we spent an awful lot of time trying to make sure the information we got was correct an
>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news and new. >> an update to breaking news use of first on 11 news this morning. a two-alarm fire at the mt. washington tavern. we're live in northwest baltimore with the latest on the investigation. >> at this moment, baltimore city firefighters are still dousing the mt. washington tavern with water to get any hot spots. those on the scene say it is a total loss. the call came in for this fire at about 4:30 a.m., and after 5:00 a.m., it became a two-alarm blaze. around 9:30 a.m., the fire was brought under control, but not without gutting the entire inside of his baltimore landmark. >> this was the mt. washington tavern. sadly, we understand this building has been a staple in the community for many years. there was heavy fire and smoke conditions. due to the unsafe conditions, it was necessary for us to proceed with these operations. we have not been inside to battle in the fire because of the potential for the wooden structures and the frame that holds this building to another to be unsafe and collapse. >> fire investigators say
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